Believe it or not, bread baking babe was NOT born out of a quarantine sourdough starter. I’ve always had a deep love affair with carbs, especially bread since I was young. I began my baking journey a child, helping my mom bake cookies like many kids do. But this idea to start baking these artisan breads happened in the fall of 2019. I decided that my love of baking, and my love of photography could be combined. My goal was to share my love of delicious baked goods to share with community and also my love of beautifully crafted bakes that also were artfully photographed.

baked goods should be shared and enjoyed without the worry of how many calories they are

About Tiffany

I came into the food photography world with no intentions of being a food blogger. I have a full time job as a wedding and lifestyle photographer that I love. However, the more I baked and photographed food I started to develop a desire, along with requests, to share these recipes with others. So just as I believe that baked goods are best

enjoyed with those we love, this blog was created to start that process.
Tiffany currently lives in the beautiful PNW on an island in Washington. When she isn’t photographing (which is rare), she can be found outdoors hiking, reading, or spending time with family and friends.

Feel like we can collaborate? Email me or find me on social media, I’d love to chat!