Bread Baking Babe is Born

How’s that for alliteration? I mean I was born a long time ago, and baking has always been a thing, and I’m sure there are other people who consider themselves the bread baking babe. But I think it’s like the muffin man? Everyone has their own muffin man.. not just the one on Drury lane.

So, there are a billion baking blogs out there. Why should you follow mine? Well, one hopefully because you think my bakes look tasty enough that you’re like I NEED THAT RECIPE. In that case, congrats.. it’s happening. I try to bake things that flavor wise feel classic but new. Inventive but not like a Chopped episode inventive. I’ll probably also be talking about, dogs, tv shows, general pop culture soo if you like any of those as a garnish for your bakes, that’s also a good reason to stay.

While I might not be a professional baker (as in I did not go to pastry school), I am a professional photographer. However, baking has been something I’ve loved probably just as long as I’ve enjoyed having a camera in my hands. I just never really put those things together. But now my camera frequently has frosting or some kind of glaze on it, and we’re here. I’m sharing with you recipes that I have created to share with family and friends, and for myself, but now also you. Food is something that connects us and it is a love language. I hope you share these with your family and friends, and indulge in them yourself as well.

So get ready for some baking, bread and maybe some humor. I’m glad you’re here!

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