A photographer’s toolbag is kind of an important thing. However, I firmly believe that a great artist can create beautiful things in spite of subpar tools. There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part it is the person. That being said, here is what is in my camera bag and in my kitchen to create all these wonderful recipes and photographs.

Photography Gear

Canon 5D Mark IV – I have used this camera for about 5 years, and it’s wonderful. I also have two mark III’s which also have served me well. I may upgrade or also acquire a mirrorless in the next year but I will probably continue to use ol’ Marky mark for my food work and blogging.
Canon 100mm 2.8L – This is the most beautiful lens. It does a fantastic job allowing you to get in close to the subject to capture the texture but the length also allows for that focal compression and the subject to pop more. I previously owned the (I believe) 60mm macro which was a great place to start. I frequently use my macro outside of the kitchen, it’s also a beautiful portrait lens!
Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART – This lens is on my camera 90% of the time. Not just for food either, for everyday photos at home, when I’m shooting weddings or portraits. This lens is my baby. 50mm is my favorite focal length.
Other lenses I own and love, but for other genres of photography: Canon 70-200mm 2.8L, Canon 85mm 1.4L, Sigma 24-35mm 2.0 ART, Samyang 12mm.
Peak Design Hand Strap – I hate neckstraps. I feel like they limit me and are always in my way. I Have used a hand strap for about 10 years. The only downside is they aren’t compatible with tripod use.
Peak Design Everyday Messenger + Sling – I love their bags (and all their products), they are very well designed with a photographer in mind but they also don’t scream camera bag.

Lightroom + Photoshop – I use Lightroom classic, on my desktop with a big monitor, for everyday editing. Photoshop is reserved for things like composite shots, and more extensive retouching or removal of items.
Blogstomp – Blogstomp is a GREAT tool, which allows you to quickly and easily both resize images without sacrificing quality and also create collages of several images.
Dubsado – Dubsado is my CRM of choice. I have tried some of the others and theirs was just the most intuitive with the most features and the best customer service. If you’re interested in signing up, my referral code which gets you a discount is friendswithtiff

Flashpoint xPLOR 400 Pro – This is the big daddy of all my off camera lighting. My strobe. This is really helpful when I need a lot of power and speed. I can also use the modeling lamp as a continuous light source.
Canon 600EX-RT – This is Canon’s top of the line flash. It has radio transmitters built in so if you have more than one they can talk to each other.
Flashpoint XR2 – This is very similar to my Canon 600’s but it uses a rechargeable battery so it is a little speedier with recycle times when I’m using higher power output.
Flashpoint 13′ Pro Air-Cushioned light stand – This light stand is OVERKILL for food. However, I have three of them for wedding work so I’m not just going to buy another light stand when I have ones that do the job just fine. I do love that they are air-cushioned though, so they won’t slam down onto your fingers when adjusting sections.
Phottix Laso trigger – Unfortunately this particular trigger and receiver set have been discontinued, I love this brand. I have used their triggers and receivers my entire professional career. They are well made and easy to use.
Flashpoint R2 Pro MarkII – Yes, I have two different triggers. This trigger works with the built in radio transmitters in both my strobe and my R2 flashes so it makes it easier to use them rather than using my Phottix which is set up to talk to Canons.
GlowPop 48″ Octabox – This is a bowens mount softbox, and I use it with my strobe. It is pretty easy to set up (for being so large) and I love that it comes with and interior plate to help with hot spots, two baffles, and an egg crate.
Godox 47″ Softbox – This softbox is very similar to my Glowpop, however it is not a bowens mount, so it is the softbox I use with my flashes.
Westcott 45″ White Satin Umbrella – I use my umbrella WAY more than my softboxes. I have done tests and there is a little bit of difference in shadows between a shoot through umbrella and a softbox, it’s not huge. And honestly, this is WAY easier to setup and take down.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AB 100 – I have had this tripod for many years and it has been used for all kinds of photography. I love that it has an overhead arm built in if I need it. It’s not the lightest tripod, but I prefer how sturdy it is.
Vanguard Alta BH 250 – I bought and swapped out the ball head of the tripod to one with an Arca-Swiss plate and just a little heavier duty than what comes stock on the tripod.
Gooseneck tripod – This is a great inexpensive option for instagram stories or reels where I’m just using my phone and might need less typical angles or easy overhead shots.
Eneloop batteries – Rechargeable AA batteries are a staple when it comes to things like flashes, triggers, LED lamps, etc. Eneloops last a long time and are definitely worth the cost (which isn’t insane anyways).

Props: I love to buy things that I would or will use in my kitchen whether it’s for cooking or entertainment. I love Crate and Barrel, H&M home, Target, World Market,Homegoods and thrift stores/ebay/etsy.
My favorite kitchen brands are Nordicware, Oxo, Usapan.
I have several (and love) my Hedley & Bennett aprons. My code of will save you 10%
I love my reusable bowl covers from Wild Clementine, and my favorite backdrops are Drop A Wall and Club Backdrops.


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